Buying Guide

Buying Guide
July 10, 2017 Tony
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Vaporizer Buying Guide

The world of vaping is expanding rapidly and can often cause confusion even for people who are more experienced. To determine the right fit for you, there are some things to take into consideration. We will take you through the some criteria you should be looking to evaluate however, the order of importance is up to you.


Portable and Desktop

This is the first decision you have to make when thinking about purchasing a vaporizer. The portability and discreetness of a portable vaporizer or the durability and effectiveness of a desktop vaporizer.

PORTABLE VAPORIZERS are as the name implies, portable. They are generally smaller than their table top counterparts and offer the ultimate in convenience and discretion. Portable vaporizers are extremely simple to operate and are are powered by a lithium ion battery, alkaline batteries, flame lighter or butane. Some portable units even come with car chargers/adapters. Most Portable Vaporizers require no cords or wires.

DESKTOP VAPORIZERS must be plugged into a power outlet. They are highly efficient machines capable of producing vapor by a variety of methods including whip-style, forced-air (balloon bag), dual (balloon bag + whip). The main advantage of table top units is the ability to finely control the vaporization process allowing users to make adjustments to temperature that affects the aromatic consistency of the vapor being produced. Desktop Vaporizers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. If you will be vaporizing at home or with friends most of the time these units should be your first choice.


Vaporizers vary in price, so it is important that you do your research to find the best vape for your budget.

Prices range from $55 for the simple, yet effective Vaporgenie and up to $669 for the Digital Volcano, which some consider the Cadillac of vaporizers. The widest selection falls in the $150 – $300 price range which includes some of the most highly regarded units available.

There are much cheaper devices for sale on eBay and other sites, but these tend to be knockoffs or just cheaply made using questionable materials and processes. They usually are not covered by warranty, or warranty service isn’t available when you need it. Brand name units priced significantly lower than the manufacturer’s list price are often sold by unauthorized dealers, which can complicate warranty service, or are outright counterfeits.

Always keep in mind that the best quality or most expensive vaporizer does not deliver good value if it does not match your needs.


If your concern is discretion, there are many portable vaporizers that would provide you with the ability to use your vaporizer “incognito” while still enjoying the benefits.

Digital and Traditional Controls

DIGITAL: Digital Vaporizers provide a digital display screen usually showcasing the current and/or selected temperature and the status of your Vaporizer. These units allow for ultimate precision control over the vaporizing temperature of your herbs. If you’re into the latest gadgets and/or you want the very best vaporizing has to offer than DIGITAL is the choice for you. In our opinion…


TRADITIONAL: Some traditional Vaporizers provide tried and true user controls such as a rotating knob to set the temperature while other (mostly portable) units have no temperature controls at all but rather a fixed temperature range the herbs are heated to. Many of the top vaporizer manufacturers still utilize a traditional temperature control system because they’re reliable, high quality and will last a very long time. If you chose a portable unit in step 1 then a traditional temperature gauge will offer you more Vaporizer options to buy. And, if you’re looking for a unit under $200 then traditional is the option for you. In our opinion.

Ease of Use

The number of hands required to prepare and use your vaporizer can be an important consideration. Some vaporizers require both hands to use correctly, and some require dexterity that might not be possible if you have limited use of your hands. This applies to preparation as well as use, since some vaporizers require that the material be finely ground, and you might not be able to use a grinder easily.

Heat Source and Delivery Method

HEAT SOURCE (Portable): Heating options for a portable vaporizer include batteries, flame (lighter) or butane (fuel). Batteries are the most convenient and reliable power/heat source because they provide a coninous flow of power to the vaporizing device (most portable units are powered by battery). The only down fall is they need to be charged regularly just like your cell phone. Butane-powered vaporizers are perfect for users on the go because you’re not tied to a power outlet. Flame (lighter) vaporizers are very small, easily concealed units that are the least expensive option. However, they tend to be the most inefficient style of vaporizer.

 In our opinion…

DELIVERY METHOD: The vapor delivery options for a Table Top vaporizer include whip-style, balloon bag (forced-air) or dual (forced-air + whip-style). Whip-style vaporizers are the most common type of unit in which a whip (similiar to a hose, generally made from silicon or vinyl) allows the user to inhale vapor by pulling hot air over the herbs. Forced-Air Vaporizers contain an internal fan that propels hot air over your herbs, creating a steady stream of vapor that is collected in a balloon bag. Forced-air units are the latest in vaporizer technology and are featured on top of the line models. Dual units are simple a combination of whip and forced air allowing the user to vaporize as they see fit. Vaporizer aficionado’s and heavy users would tend to enjoy the forced air units the best as it uses less herbs and provides the most advanced vaporizing technology. 
There are a number of excellent choices in this category but in our opinion…


All Pure Inhale Vaporizers come with a full manufactures warranty that can be redeemed if the product qualifies.

No matter how reliable your vaporizer is, there is always a chance that you will have to rely on the warranty. If you cannot afford to be without your vaporizer, you must have good warranty service. It is not enough to have a good warranty on paper; the service must live up to the guarantee. Again, check online reviews and forums to learn what to expect.

Read the warranty carefully and pay attention to the conditions, since the warranty period for parts of some vaporizers (typically batteries) might be shorter than the overall warranty, and some parts (typically glass) might not be covered at all. Check whether an RMA is required and to see who pays shipping costs. Some manufacturers will not honor a warranty for a device that was not purchased from an authorized dealer. There is no concern if you purchase from PureInhale, since we are authorized dealers for all vaporizers that we sell.


Our portable vaporizers desktop vaporizers and accessories are curated with an emphasis on quality, design and performance. We want our customers to have the best experience possible so we take great pride in selecting the best products.


Getting the best from most vaporizers requires learning correct technique. For example, many whip or tube delivery systems depend on proper draw speed. (“Whip” is the term used for small diameter tubing, usually silicone or PVC) Flame-powered units need both correct flame distance and draw. Vaporizers that fill balloons, on the other hand, have no such limitations.

While the learning process can be frustrating at first, you are usually rewarded with excellent results; however, if you are the impatient sort, look for a device that you can use effectively right out of the box.