Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano

Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano


  • Portable version of the volcano vaporizer
  • Remote control app available
  • High quality and easy to use
  • LED Display
  • 3 year warranty

The Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano by Storz & Bickel is a robust hand-held portable unit that uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery in conjunction with an inert convection based heating element to provide Vaporization of dried aromatherapy blends and concentrated essential oil blends at multiple temperature levels.

The Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano offers the same quality as its predecessors, the Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital, and Plenty, but with a compact size while offering the highest quality pure vapor during use. The Crafty Vaporizer is one of the simplest portable vaporizers to use, while offering the same high end quality design that Storz & Bickel are famous for. The Crafty Vaporizer weighs only 135 grams and is just slightly larger than an average Smartphone.

Adjustable Temp Control

Each Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano offers a one touch operation automatically heating the dynamic vaporizer to the optimum heating temperature of 356 F (180 C). For those blends where an extra kick of heat is desired, just press the power button twice to activate the boost temperature of 383 F (195 C).

For a customized vaporization experience, a remote control app is available for download. This offers you a remote control through your Smartphone or tablet. Save your personal preferences, always know how much battery power you have left; adjust the temperature and much more through the Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano app.

High Quality

The patented filling station attachment makes refilling the heating chamber quick, seamless and spill proof for easy loading and limited waste. Simply remove the upper cap, attach and lock the filling station in place and use the cap to scoop in your preferred dry aromatherapy blends. The filling station also acts as a lockable storage carrier so your blends stay safe while transporting and using on-the-go.

The LED light indicates both charging status while the Crafty Vaporizer’s single lithium ion battery is charging and when the unit is heating up. During heat up the light with switch from red to green, indicating when the optimal temperature has been reached. In addition to the bright LED display light, there is also a built in vibration feature to tell you when you’re Crafty is ready to start vaping.

First Class Certifications

The Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano has been certified by the German TÜV; compliance with the European and North American standards and regulations for household appliances is guaranteed by TÜV and NRTL certifications. First-class design and manufacturing ensures excellent quality and functionality.

The Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano includes:

  • 1 pc. Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano
  • 1 pc. Power Adapter
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use
  • 1 Set of Spare Seal Rings
  • 1 pc. Filling Aid
  • 1 pc. Herb Mill
  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • 3 pc. Spare Screens
  • 1 pc. Liquid Pad


The Crafty Vaporizer by Volcano is guaranteed by Storz & Bickel for 3 years. Only food-safe and aroma-free materials are used.


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