WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by Iolite

WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by Iolite


  • 3 hour battery life
  • One of a kind technology
  • Upgraded version of Ioliite
  • High quality design
  • 2 year warranty

How it Works

The WISPR 2.0 features an upgraded patented butane delivery system and mouthpiece, so you can enjoy the best possible experience, time after time.The new body’s grill design means that you can stand the WISPR 2.0 up, hold it anyway you choose and check the butane fuel level whenever you please.The WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE delivers a smooth and consistent flavour through Iolite’s unique vaporization process.The WISPR 2.0 is quick to start up and so discreet it gives you pure freedom. With the WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer fuel level window you’ll always know when to top-up the butane.

Patented Technology

The WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE is powered by butane gas. It fills with a minimal amount and holds a charge which allows for continuous vaping for up to 3 hours. The WISPR 2.0 contains a patented flameless gas catalytic heater & thermostat.

Temp Control

Maintaining an optimal vaporization temperature of 374° F / 190° C + – 5°, the WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE utilizes a bi-metal regulator element that is thermostatically controlled. An isolated chamber inside the WISPR 2.0 contains the catalytic converter, this allows the butane to heat the unit to the optimal temperature. This all happens while expelling the butane as harmless water vapor through the escape ports. Manufacturing of all iolite Vaporizers adhere to ISO: 9001 – 2001 strict quality guidelines.

The WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by Iolite includes:

  • 1 pc. WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE
  • 1 pc. Flexible Mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. 7 Dot Filling Chamber
  • 1 pc. Replacement Heater Mesh Screen
  • 1 pc. Moisture Condenser
  • 1 pc. WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE Instruction Manual


WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer by IOLITE Warranty is valid no more than 2 years from the purchase date or as required by law. The manufacturers warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.


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